Awana Listener Guidelines

for Handbook Time Leaders & Listeners


Listeners are
responsible for making sure kids have successfully memorized verses in handbook
sections.  They are not responsible for making
sure kids complete activity sections in their handbooks, or that sections are
completed in the correct order “€“ these are the responsibility of handbook time


Listeners should make
sure handbook time leaders are aware that they are ready to listen to kids
recite verses and should move freely between groups to allow all kids adequate
time to recite their verses.  Kids in
Truth & Training (3rd through 6th grade) have
handbook time from
6:30-7:10 PM.  Kids in SPARKS (Kindergarten through 2nd grade) have
handbook time from


Handbook time leaders
will send kids who are ready to recite verses to listeners who are waiting in
the hallways.  The child will tell the
listener what sections they are prepared to recite, hand the book to the listener,
and begin.  Once sections are completed,
the listener should sign the child’s handbook in the sections completed and
report back to the handbook time leader the sections that were successfully


  • 2 helps per
    section “€“ a help is two or three words for
    SPARKS and one or two words for Truth & Training
  • Handbook verses
    are New King James (NKJV) translation. 
    King James (KJV), New American Standard (NAS,
    NASB), and New International Version (NIV) translations are acceptable.

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