Children and Youth Worker’s Policy

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Children’s / Youth Worker

Statement of Policies

Approved July 11, 2006

The congregation of Grace Bible Church is committed to providing a safe and
secure environment for all children, youth, and volunteers who participate in
ministries and activities sponsored by the church. The following policy
statements reflect our congregation’s commitment to preserving this church as a
holy place of safety and protection for all who would enter and as a place in
which all people can experience the love of God through relationships with

1. All adults working with children or youth shall fill out the appropriate
ministry application, agree to and sign the ministry worker’s covenant,
provide a list of references and agree to a criminal records background check.

2. No adult who has been convicted of child abuse (whether sexual, physical
or emotional) should volunteer to work with children or youth in any
church-sponsored activity. [It is understood that in becoming a Christian a
person becomes a new creature (2 Cor. 5:17), however, while the possibility
exists of a person whose actions of abuse occurred prior to becoming a
Christian working with children / youth, such cases will be handled on an
individual basis with extreme caution. Those whose actions of abuse have
occurred after becoming a Christian will not be allowed to work with children
/ youth in any circumstance].

3. All adults working with children must be of good character and of the
Christian faith which are attested to by references. (Those who are not
members of GBC must sign the appropriate doctrinal statement). They must also
have the physical, mental and emotional ability to carry out the particular
work they are doing with children.

4. Adult survivors of child abuse need the love and support of our
congregation. Any adult survivor of abuse who desires to work in some capacity
with children or youth is encouraged to discuss their background with a church
pastor first.

5. "The Two Worker Rule" – At no time shall an adult be alone with a child
(except their own) on the church property. At least one other adult or
approved teenage assistant must also be in the room. The adult or approved
teenage assistant may not be an immediate family member of the first adult.

6. Classes taught by a single adult must be done in a place that is easily
observable from the outside. The outside windows, door windows or video
surveillance camera that allow viewing into the room may not be obscured.

7. All adults working with children or youth shall attend yearly and/or
special training and educational events provided by the church to keep workers
informed of church policies and state laws regarding child abuse.

8. All adults working with children or youth shall immediately report to
the ministry director and/or a pastor any behavior that seems abusive or

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