Facility Usage

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Facility Usage

The members of Grace Bible Church are allowed the usage of the church
facilities as they desire in accordance with our stated purposes of Worship,
Evangelism, Fellowship and Edification. Questions as to whether an activity fits
one or more of these purposes shall be resolved by a majority consensus of the
Pastor and elders. Such functions would also have to meet the general policy for
the usage of facilities in terms of clean-up, payment of any usage fees,
replacement of materials used, etc. Such functions would have to be cleared
through the church office for availability and would be secondary to any
official church ministry function. If the activity is of interest to the whole
congregation or a certain portion of it (i.e. all men, all women, all children,
etc.), then it may be announced from the pulpit or printed in the bulletin or
other publication as time and space allow.

In specific regard to "Baby and Bridal Showers," these are ministries of
encouragement, compassion and rejoicing over what the Lord has done. The
hostess(es) of the shower may be as creative or simple as they desire. The
church shall not be encumbered with the expenses of holding the shower. Showers
will meet the general guidelines as above. The Deaconesses will be a resource to
those hosting a shower and will arrange for a bridal or first baby shower in
unusual situations such as a woman being new to the church.

Passed by unanimous Congregational vote on May 20, 1998. (Slightly revised
December 1998 to conform to the Constitutional changes made in November 1998).

Glorifying God By Making Disciples Of The Lord Jesus Christ