Funeral Policy

January 25, 1995

Funeral Policy

If sensitivity and genuine concern are present, a death can become a
wonderful opportunity to present the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in both
proclamation and in application (James 1:22). The following policy is being set
in order to help Grace Bible Church minister to those who are grieving over the
death of a loved one.

1) The basic premise of this policy is that the church will do what ever it
can within reason to bring comfort to those grieving while presenting the gospel
of Jesus Christ by both proclamation and example (James 1:22).

2) This policy applies to members and regular attendees of the church and
their immediate families. Those with little or no connection to the church will
be ministered to as determined by the pastor of the church.

3) Role of Pastor (Or Elders if
Pastor is away)
: As needed the pastor will

A) Be available to provide spiritual guidance

B) Meet with family, relatives, funeral director

C) Assess family physical/emotional needs

D) Assist in arrangements at hospital, mortuary, cemetery, etc.

E) Organize funeral service with family

F) Perform funeral and/or graveside services

G) Notify music committee if music needed

4) The Role of the Church: The church will provide the following as needed.

A) A site for funeral.

B) A gift for Gideon Memorial Bibles with the card given to the family
before or at the funeral.

C) An usher/host/hostess if service held at the church.

D) Music (piano/organ) (Music committee will be contacted by the pastor).

E) Meals/other help to the family immediately following death.

F) A reception or help with family reception following funeral service.

G) Spiritual and emotional support.

5) Role of the Deaconesses

A) Talk with pastor to assess meals/other needs

B) Coordinate meals / help

C) Help with the family reception after the funeral as needed.

Such help may include:

a) arrange for / help with food

b) arrange for / help serve

c) arrange for / help with clean up

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