Secretarial Ministry

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Secretarial Ministry Guidelines

Developed for a Part Time Secretary

1) General care and maintenance of the Office/library. This includes keeping
everything in order, keeping track of office supplies and ordering them when

2) Bulletin: Design, Format, Print, (copy & fold & insert). The bulletin
deadline will be Friday morning at 10 a.m.

3) Maintenance of Guest records – input information about guests that visit
into the computer. Monthly printout of record to pastor & Outreach Committee

4) Maintenance of mailing list

5)Maintenance of handout materials in the racks. Check weekly to make sure
everything is stocked.

6) Bulletin Boards downstairs – Updating them monthly. Posting appropriate

7) Missionary Bulletin Board (in Worship Center) – Updating letters from our
supported missionaries as they come in. Making copies of those letters for the
appropriate people.

8) Process any mailings.

9) Maintenance of book Library

10) Maintenance of Audio Library

11) Special projects as they arise.

Any other maintenance / organization that you can see around the church that
needs to be done would also be helpful. Other items could be added in the


Pastor Harris

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