Sermon Notes

Sermon Notes – 6/25/2017
Be Ready for His ReturnLuke 12:35-48


This takes place before a large ______somewhere in a populated area on the way from Jerusalem to Galilee

Jesus has both warned and encouraged His disciples, and ____________ the crowd about greed

Jesus begins by addressing His disciples about the coming of the Son of Man, then expands to the ________

Luke 12:35-48

Be sure to be ready for the coming of the “Son of Man” – a ________________ title often used in Luke

They would have understood the prophecies of Messiah coming as king to ___________

Blessed Slaves Luke 12:35-38

First illustration: “Let your waist be girded” – be ready for _____________

The “you” in this verse is emphatic – _________be prepared regardless of what anyone else does

Second illustration: “Keep your lamp burning.” Be prepared even at ___________

Matthew 12:1-12 – the parable of the Ten Virgins

The ___________ maidens were ready for the wedding procession with lit lamps, the foolish were not

Third Illustration: Be like men ready and ___________ for their master to return

They were to be ready ______________the master returned even if very late during the 2nd or 3rd watch

Those slaves found ready by their master would be greatly ____________ by him

Necessity of Continued Anticipation Luke 12:39-40

This illustration stresses the necessity of being ready from the _________________ side of preventing loss

Common homes made with sun dried mud could be “_________ through” by thieves

In ancient times someone had to be up and watching to warn / prevent danger – _________________

Verse 40 – A command to be ready for the Son of Man is coming when you ___________ expect

More revelation has been given since then, but they understood the _____________ to be ready

Imminent: many things could happen, but ___________must happen before Jesus’ return – it could be today

Standard texts related to the imminent return of Jesus Christ: Matthew 24:36 cf. Acts 1:7; Matthew 24:42-25:13; Luke 12:36-40; Romans 8:19, 23, 25; 1 Corinthians 1:7; 4:5; 15:51-52; 16:22; Philippians 3:20, 4:5; 1 Thessalonians 1:9-10; 2 Thessalonians 3:10-12; Titus 2:12-13; Hebrews 9:28; James 5:7-9; 1 Peter 1:13; 1 John 2:28; Jude 21; Revelation 2:16, 25; 3:3, 11; 16:15; 22:7, 12, 20

_______________to the disciples to be ready for His coming: Matthew 24:42-25:13; Luke 12:36-40

Paul thought he might be alive at the _______: 1 Thess. 4:13-18; 1 Cor. 15:51-52; Phil. 3:20. – So did John

Phil. 3:20; Rom. 8:19, 23, 25: Eagerly wait” is ajpekdevcomai / apekdechomai – an ____________yearning

1 Cor. 1:7 – “Awaiting eagerly” ajpekdecomevnouV / apekdechomenous – An attitude of a _______expectation

Titus 2:12-13 – “Looking for” : prosdecovmenoi / prosdechomenoi has the sense of “_______” in expectation

The Lord is _____: Philippians 4:5 – (also Isaiah 13:6; Ezekiel 30:3; Joel 1:15; 2:1; 3:14; Zephaniah 1:7, 14)

James 5:7-9 – “at hand” & “standing at the door” – perfect active indicatives: action _________& continuing

Revelation 2:16; 3:11 & 22:7, 12, 20 – “I am coming quickly” – not “soon,” but ______before you can react

1 Thessalonians 5:2,9; 2 Peter 3:10; Revelation 3:3 & 16:15 – He will come unexpectedly “like a ________”

Rewards for the Faithful Luke 12:41-44

Jesus answers Peter’s question __________be addressing both those who are faithful and those who are not

The faithful steward is ________and fulfilling his responsibilities and therefore ready for his master’s return

He is rewarded with a ____________position of greater responsibilities – as was Joseph in Genesis 39

Punishment for the Neglectful Luke 12:45-48

He did not think his master would return anytime ____________(vs. 45)

He used his position to abuse the other slaves and fulfill his ________________desires even to drunkenness

He would be severely _____________(vs. 46) – severely beaten and cast out of his position and service

The ____________you know & are given, the more is required of you, & greater punishment for failure


You need to be ready and ____________ waiting for His coming

There is __________ for those who are ready and punishment for those that are not

Warnings to those who are not ready or indifferent to Jesus’ promised return:

1) The Lord has tarried long, but every day is __________ & daily headlines proclaim its nearness

2) Even if the Lord does tarry, you have no guarantee you will ________though today – are you ready to die?

If you are not ready, ___________________ – we are here to help

Parents, you are responsible to apply God’s Word to your children’s lives. Here is some help. Young Children – draw a picture about something you hear during the sermon. Explain your picture(s) to your parents at lunch. Older Children – Do one or more of the following: 1) Count how many times a reference is made to the Lord returning. 2) Discuss with your parents the imminence of the Lord’s return and the need to be ready for it.

Questions to consider in discussing the sermon with others. Explain the context of this Luke 12:35-48. What is the meaning of “Son of Man” when used as a title in the gospel of Luke? What effect would that have on the meaning of Jesus’ teaching to the disciples? What is the meaning of the first phrase in Luke 12:35“Let your waist be girded” (NKJV)? How would they “gird up their loins like a man”? What was the importance of “keep your lamp burning” as a sign of being prepared? How was this used in the parable of the Ten Virgins in Matthew 25? What were wedding celebrations like in ancient Judea? Why would the slaves need to be ready even to the second and third watches of the night? What blessing would they receive if they were found ready? How would a thief break into a typical house of that time? What would a homeowner need to do to prevent it? According to Luke 12:40 – when will the Lord return and why must you be ready? What does it mean that Jesus’ return is imminent? Look up the Scriptures listed above and explain why imminence is a sound Biblical doctrine. (If you reject imminence, give your Biblical support including an explanation of each of the above passages listed above). What are the rewards for the faithful and sensible steward? What are the punishments for the unfaithful slave? Are you ready? What would it take for you to be ready? Make a plan and carry it out.