Sermon Notes

Sermon Notes – 4/15/2018
Sight for the Blind Matthew 20:29-34; Mark 10:46-52; Luke 18:35-43


Blind = _____________, one who cannot see. A physical inability, or metaphorically – a spiritual inability

Coming / Leaving Jericho – Matt. 20:29; Mark 10:46; Luke 18:35

Jesus, along with a __________of pilgrims, is heading to Jerusalem where He will suffer and be crucified

The Bible is complete for spiritual life, but it is not a ____________________record – John 21:24-45

It is normal for accounts of an event to ___________ in details depending on perspective and emphasis

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John all vary in their _____________, and at times also in their perspectives

Matthew, who was present, gives additional detail and emphasizes __________ actions

Mark and Luke, who were not present, give other detail and emphasize the _______________ actions

There was an old Jericho near its ancient spring and a new Jericho near Herod’s winter palace ___________

There is some possibility more than one healing is recorded for there ___________blind people in Jericho

Continued research continues to affirm the ____________ accuracy and the falsity of skeptics’ claims

The Scene – Matt. 20:29-31; Mark 10:46-48; Luke 18:35-39

Two blind beggars hear a large crowd passing by and learn ____________is passing by

They ___________ loudly to Jesus, Son of David, for mercy with Bartimaeus calling Him, Lord

The crowd is callous and does not like their nose, so they sternly tell them to be _________

The “Son of David” title is _____________- they believed what they heard and acted on it – that is faith

They were _______________ in faith to overcome obstacles that would deter them

To seek Jesus, _______ upon what you have learned and be persistent (Hebrews 11:6)

They were physically blind, but they could see better ____________than the religious leaders with eyesight

Do not remain spiritually blind – Seek Jesus and cry out to Him for ___________

Jesus Restores Sight to the Blind – Matt. 20:32-33; Mark 10:49-52; Luke 18:40-43

Jesus would have had __________ things on His mind and much around was distracting

Jesus heard and paid _______________ to their cry

Mark 10:49-50 – Bartimaeus demonstrated his __________ in Jesus by throwing off his cloak and coming

The need was obvious, but Jesus had them ____________ their desires

Their ______________ in calling to Jesus despite the crowd also demonstrated the nature of their faith

Matthew 20:34 – Jesus was moved by _____________ to touch their eyes and heal them immediately

The Gift of Healing

The evidence of Scripture and history is that the apostolic sign gifts were ___________ to that age

Those claiming to have the gift of healing do not practice it as did either __________ or the apostles

Jesus & the apostles healed _________they encountered, and not just a few

Jesus & the apostles could heal whether the individual had _________ or not.

Jesus & the apostles healed ____________ through a variety of different methods

Healing by Jesus & the apostles _______________________- blind, deaf, lame, withered limbs, death

Contrary to James 5, “Faith healers” blame a lack of healing on the individual’s lack of ___________

God can do anything, anytime, in any manner He wants in keeping with His ____________ and promises

“Faith healers” are ______________, fakes or demonically empowered

The Compassion of God

God’s compassion begins with His ___________ – 2 Peter 3:9

It extends in His mercy, grace and offer of __________based on faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ

Following Jesus Matthew 20:34; Mark 10:52; Luke 18:43

The blind men regained their sight and _________Jesus – those given spiritual sight should also follow Him

Jesus is our healer from spiritual blindness and our __________to righteous living

Jesus does not restrict the men He healed from telling others – the time to proclaim the __________has come

Salvation frees you FROM sin, not TO sin. Those who have their spiritual blindness removed _______Jesus


Parents, you are responsible to apply God’s Word to your children’s lives. Here is some help. Young Children – draw a picture about something you hear during the sermon. Explain your picture(s) to your parents at lunch. Older Children – Do one or more of the following: 1) Count how many times a reference is made to blindness. 2) Discuss with your parents how Jesus healed the blind men and how He heals spiritual blindness.


Questions to consider in discussing the sermon with others. Why is “spiritual blindness” a good metaphor for sinners? Context: What has happened while on Jesus and the disciples have been walking on the road to Jericho? Why are they accompanied by a large crowd? What are some of the reasons there would be differences in the various gospel accounts about the same event? Which of the gospel writers was present at this event? Where did the other writers get their information? Each gospel writer makes a different emphasis in his account. List out the group / individual to whom each author writes and emphasis of each account. What are the possible solutions to the question of whether Jesus was approaching Jericho or departing Jericho? Why does Matthew give the detail there were two blind men while Mark describes only blind Bartimaeus? What do the blind men do when they hear Jesus is approaching? Why do they do that? What is the crowd’s reaction? What do the blind men do in reaction to the crowd? What things could have been on Jesus mind as He is traveling to Jerusalem? How does His stopping to talk with the blind men show great compassion? Why does Jesus ask them what they wanted? How do they demonstrate their faith in Jesus – and in particular, Bartimaeus? How did Jesus heal them? What are the differences in the manner in which Jesus and the apostles healed people and the manner in which “faith healers” claim to heal people? Do “faith healers” have the Biblical gift of healing? Why or why not? Why is it contrary James 5 to make healing depending on the faith of the individual? What are some of the ways in which God demonstrates His compassion on mankind? On what basis and how does a person receive forgiveness for their sins? Why doesn’t Jesus restrict these men from telling others what He has done with other people He has healed (Matthew 9:27)? Why would it be normal for a person who receives God’s mercy and has their spiritual blindness removed to follow Jesus? What are some reasons a person professing faith in Jesus would not follow Him?