Sermon Notes

Sermon Notes – 5/14/2017
Titus 2 Women – Titus 2:3-5

Introduction : Paul is writing to Titus, his ambassador to _____, instructing him to put in order what remained

Titus 2 is part of “the things which are fitting for sound doctrine” that Titus was to __________

Older Women : In this context, it refers to women old enough to have experienced _________a child

The Bible emphasizes the ______of older people – Job 12:12, Leviticus 19:32; Proverbs 16:31; Psalm 92:14

Reverent Behavior: “Likewise” connects back to the character traits listed in ____________

She is to have behavior befitting a priest in the Temple – actions and attitudes of ____________in daily life

Examples include the description in 1 Timothy 5:5-10, ________(Luke 2:36-37) and Dorcas (Acts 9:36-39)

Not Malicious Gossips : The same word is used for Satan – ______________: one who falsely accuses

Excess time allows for idle talk which can degenerate into ____________- 1 Timothy 5:13

Not Enslaved to Much Wine

Wine was used as a mild ________and dull the sense from frustration and loneliness, but it can be addictive

Great caution should be taken when using alcohol and other various other ____________drugs – 1 Cor. 6:12

She does not need to _______reality because she is making the best of her circumstances living in godliness

Teaching What is Good : Good is what is _____, excellent & honorable – characteristics that mark her own life

Older people should be the most qualified to teach due to _________of experience – be cautious of old fools

The context of her teaching is with anyone she can _____________in every kind of situation imaginable

Encouraging Young Women in Their Responsibilities

Verses 4 & 5 are ____________of verse 3 and not separate sentences

Older women are to help younger women ______________these characteristics

Encourage (swfronivzw / s phronidz ) is to bring someone to ___________or a sound mind. She disciples

Strive to keep God’s _____________or the body of Christ is left weak and younger women left immature

Don’t drop out and don’t allow yourself to be __________________

Younger Women : In this context, younger refers to those who are still ___________their children and younger

Younger women must be ____________and desire to learn from older, godly women

Psychology classes on marriage and family are usually ______________of godly wisdom

Love Your Husband – Love here (fivlandroV / philandros) is a deep, committed __________with her husband

The fact this must be taught reflects that it is _________for a variety of reasons including human selfishness

Husbands and wives can love each other this way through the power of the __________________

Love Your Children : That this must be taught reflects the _______________of loving children in this manner

Psalm 127:3 – children are a gift and a reward, and will be a ____________when raised by Biblical wisdom

Unselfish, unconditional love will both encourage and ______________, discipline and comfort

Your first love is to be __________, second your husband, third your children – you come after them

Sensible : Sensible (swvfrwn / s phr n) is “______________of mind,” “level headed” with “disciplined sense”

Sensibility results in prudence, discretion & self-controlled in contrast to the characteristics of ___________

Pure : In this context it refers to moral purity & __________ modesty and avoidance of alluring a man to lust

Flirting, immodest dress and seductive actions attract the attention of _____________and immature men

Older, godly women have learned how to deal with ______& self worth issues so they can help the younger

Workers at Home

Paul is not contradicting the spirit and conduct of the Proverbs 31 women, he is emphasizing her _________

Home is the best place for a wife to demonstrate ____________for her husband and a mom for her children

Keep your _____________and do not become unbalanced by commitments outside the home

Kind : Someone who is gentle, polite, friendly, pleasant, sympathetic in reflection of God’s ____________

Subject to Own Husband

This is submission which is done ____________and not obedience which must be done regardless of desire

Sin has corrupted man in his God given responsibility of headship and a woman’s desire to __________it

Older women can teach the younger ones how to hold their _________in check and build up their husbands

Follow your husband’s lead as long as he does not oppose what God ______________of you

Honoring the Word of God

This is the _______________clause explaining why a young woman needs to develop these character traits

A Christian woman who does not follow God’s role for her causes God and His word to be _____________

These traits are _____________of much of our society, but the Christian life is about the glory of God


Older women – does your character match what is described? What will you do to make it ___________?

Younger women – are you striving to develop the characteristics described? What is your _____________?

Parents, you are responsible to apply God’s Word to your children’s lives. Here is some help. Young Children – draw a picture about something you hear during the sermon. Explain your picture(s) to your parents at lunch. Older Children – Do one or more of the following: 1) Count how many times a reference is made to women. 2) Discuss with your parents the characteristics God wants in both older and younger women.

Questions to consider in discussing the sermon with others. Who are “older women”? What value does the Bible place on age? What is reverent behavior? Why must Paul warn about malicious gossip? What benefit did wine give to an older woman? What dangers did it pose? What poses similar dangers of addition in modern times? What are some specific ways older women can teach what is good to younger women? What responsibility do younger women have to learn from older women? Who are the younger women? Why must they be taught to love their husbands and children? Explain the meaning of each of the following: sensible, pure, kind. Why is home the best place to demonstrate love for a husband and for children? Is Paul prohibiting a woman from doing work outside the home? Why or why not? Explain. What does it mean to be subject to your husband? Why is that difficult? What can help? How does failure in these areas blaspheme God’s word?