Sermon Notes

Sermon Notes
The Man Who Can Raise the Dead: John 11:17-45


The great quest of mankind has been how to prepare for and deal with _________

Denial of the existence of the human soul seeks to __________ the eternal ramifications of death

Belief in cyclic reincarnation seeks to give yet ______________to reach Nirvana – the state of non-existence

The idea of entering a life __________to the present beyond death is common in animistic / pagan religions

Religions of personal ______________believe judgment based on whether you were “good” or “bad” awaits

The Bible proclaims eternal condemnation for sin but offers salvation based on God’s ___________

Only Christianity says, “_______, someone has conquered death and He can enable you to conquer it too.”

The Death of LazarusJohn 11:1-19

“This sickness is not unto death, but for the _______of God, that the Son of God may be glorified by it”

Jesus purposely ____________ two days until Lazarus was dead before leaving to “awaken him”

Lazarus had been in the tomb _________ days by the time Jesus arrived

The Jews buried their dead _________ without embalming

Mourning after burial would last 3 days to a ________ or longer

    Many of the Jews, which would have included religious ____________, came to mourn Lazarus

Jesus and Martha John 11:20-28

Martha goes out to the ______________ of the village to meet Jesus as He was arriving

Lazarus was dead, but Martha’s ___________in Jesus remained strong and steadfast

Our faith should be as strong as Martha’s, but our own self-centeredness ______us to truth and trusting God

Martha believes Jesus is speaking of the prophesied ________resurrection, not an immediate one of Lazarus

Jesus declares “I am the resurrection and the life” – He is the _________ of faith for that hope

Those who believe in Jesus receive the resurrection to ____, those that reject are resurrected to eternal death

The ________ continues to live even if the physical body dies

Martha declares her faith is a settled _________________ that Jesus is the promised Messiah

Martha leaves to get Mary telling her ____________ to avoid attention

Jesus and Mary John 11:29-32

The quickness of Mary’s departure attracted the attention of those present who then _____________ her

Mary was also grieved, but expressed her own _____________ and submission by falling at Jesus’ feet

The Compassion of Jesus John 11:33-38

Jesus is compassionate and understands us (Heb. 4:15) and _________ (shed tears – not weeping / crying)

Reasons to weep: in __________for the grief of His friends; over sin that causes death; lament over unbelief

A mixed response among the Jews over Jesus’ tears: 1) Evidence of His _______. 2) Evidence of His failure

While acknowledging Jesus’ ability to heal, they did not believe He could _________ the dead

Jesus is filled with intense _____________ and goes to the tomb

Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead John 11:39-44

Martha objects to having the stone removed for fear of the _________ of death which would be released

Jesus pauses to comfort and encourage Martha and to _____so people would know the source of the miracle

The prayer ___________ the Father who hears; the Son whom the Father hears; and is a cause for belief

Jesus only has to call Lazarus and the process of decay is instantaneously reversed and _______is restored

Lazarus hobbles out ____________ in his cloth strips wrapping his body

The Response John 11:45-46

The ____________ caused some to believe and others to continue to reject and plot evil against Jesus

People still respond the same way to the story of Jesus: Some believe and others ______________ evidence

Be ___________ and believe as did Martha & Mary for we have a compassionate and all powerful Savior

You can ____________ both your present and future to Jesus, the man who can raise the dead

Parents, you are responsible to apply God’s Word to your children’s lives. Here is some help. Young Children – draw a picture about something you hear during the sermon. Explain your picture(s) to your parents at lunch. Older Children – Do one or more of the following: 1) Count how many times Martha, Mary & Lazarus are mentioned. 2) Discuss with your parents what Martha believed that gave her hope.

Questions to consider in discussing the sermon with others. How do different groups view death? How do you view death? Why did Jesus wait two days before going to Bethany? What is the significance of Lazarus being dead for four days? Was Martha (or Mary) critical of Jesus? What is Martha’s hope for Lazarus? Why? What is the significance of Jesus’ “I am” statement in verses 25-26? What does it mean to “believe in” Jesus? Lazarus was dead, how was he still alive (vs. 25)? Why did Martha understand what the religious leaders did not? Why did the Jews follow Mary? Why did Jesus weep? How did that differ from the weeping of those mourning? Why did some of the Jews criticize Jesus? Why does John record Martha’s concern about Lazarus’ stinking? Why did Jesus pray out loud? How did this miracle glorify the Father? The Son? Did it accomplish any other purpose? What miracles had to occur in order for Lazarus to come out of the grave? What effect does this miracle have on your beliefs and how you live your life? Why did some of the Jews continue to oppose Jesus even after seeing this miracle? Why is there still such a mixed reaction to Jesus with some believing and others rejecting despite any evidence presented to them? What is your own belief about Jesus? Why? What is Jesus’ current ministry to Christians? How has God proven His love for sinners? What is the future hope of the righteous? What assurance do we have these promises will come true? What is the future destiny of the unrighteous? What is your future?