Sermon Notes

Sermon Notes – 9/9/2018

A Future in Heaven Selected Scriptures

Confusion about Heaven

Oxford Dictionary – this definition – “a place or state of supreme bliss” – is frequently used ____________

Eastern Mysticism – heaven is “_________,” a state of oneness with the universe & self-consciousness ends

Islam – Paradise of beauty, peace & bounty with multiple Huris for men. Need good ______& Allah’s favor

Mormonism – you become ________with your own planet & wife eternally giving birth to souls to inhabit it

Jehovah’s Witnesses – Only _______________ get to heaven, the rest stay on this Earth eternally

The Heavens in Scripture

my3m1v9/ shamayim & oujranovV / ouranos = “that which is ______________ .”

First = _______________ heaven – the air surrounding the earth

Second = ______________heaven – outer-space where sun, moon, and stars are located

Third = The __________________of God. Used figuratively for God and what pertains to Him

2 Peter 3:10-18 – The present atmospheric & celestial heavens and the Earth will be __________in the future

Verses 11 & 14 – this gives motivation to live in _______________ in the present

Verse 13 – there is also positive _____________ in His promise of new heavens and a new earth

Our Longing for Final RedemptionRomans 8:18-25

Christians & creation itself ________for the corruption of our current world to end and for us to be changed

We have confident assurance of a future that will be radically _____________ than the present

Heaven is a real place

Both the prophet Isaiah and the Apostle John describe heaven is a ________ place (Isaiah 6, Revelation 4)

Angels travel traveled to and from _______________called heaven (Daniel 10:12; Matthew 28:2; Isaiah 14)

God refers to heaven in the ____________as the earth (Matthew 5:34-35. See also Acts 7:49 & Isaiah 66:1)

There are _________creatures in heaven: Angels (the heavenly host, Seraphim), the 24 elders, the multitude

People tend to focus on the present with little thought for what they cannot see – so they are _______minded

God’s Throne – The Visions of Isaiah & John

Isaiah 6:1-7 _____________________________________________________

Revelation 4:2-11 _____________________________________________________

Revelation 5: The Lamb, myriads & ______________of angels. Revelation 8: the Golden Altar and Censor

Revelation 19: The _________is in heaven at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb during the Great Tribulation

New Heavens, New Earth, New Jerusalem Revelation 21 & 22






Magnificent in size, appearance and splendor, but even greater is Heaven’s _____character of righteousness

Heaven is majestic because its greatest characteristic is that it is the ______________________ of God

There is much we do not know about heaven __________________________________________________

Yet without doubt we know it will be ____________because God is there and He is good

The central activity of heaven is the ______________of God: Isaiah 6 – the Seraphim.

Revelation 4 – the four living creatures & the 24 ___________ . Revelation 5 – myriads of angels join in

Rev. 6:9 & 15:2-4 – Martyrs. Rev. 19:14 – ___________ of heaven. Rev. 7:9 – the uncountable multitude

Assurance of Heaven 1 John 5:10-13

Avoiding Hell motivates many to seek Heaven – but only true Christians are _____________ of going there

The issue of eternal life is determined by whether or not _______________ Jesus, the Son of God

Jesus gives __________to His sheep (John 10) so they no longer are under God’s condemnation (Rom. 8:1)

2 Peter 3:13-14 – Those who truly love the Lord Jesus Christ desire His ________and will live for Him now


Parents, you are responsible to apply God’s Word to your children’s lives. Here is some help. Young Children – draw a picture about something you hear during the sermon. Explain your picture(s) to your parents at lunch. Older Children – Do one or more of the following: 1) Count how many times the word “heaven” is used. 2) Discuss with your parents about what heaven will be like and how to be sure you are going there.


Questions to consider in discussing the sermon with others. What do you think of first when you hear the term, “heaven.” How have you heard / seen heaven used figuratively? What do you know about the concept of heaven in other religions? How do you think this has affected the ideas about heaven within professing Christianity? Within our society in general? What are the meanings of the Hebrew and the Greek words translated as heaven in the Bible? Paul speaks of the “third heaven” in 2 Cor. 12:2 – explain each of the three heavens. How is heaven used figuratively in the Scriptures? What will happen in the future to the present heavens according to 2 Peter 3:10-12? What should that motivate us to do? (2 Peter 3:11). What promise is given in 2 Peter 3:13? What should that motivate us to do? (2 Peter 3:14). Why do Christians long for heaven? Why does Creation long for its redemption? (Romans 8:18-25). In what ways is heaven described as a real place in the Bible? Read Isaiah 6:1-7 and Revelation 4:2-11. What is similar in these descriptions? What is different? What stands out to you as being important? Who else is heaven according to Revelation 4? What else is in heaven according to Revelation 5? Read Revelation 21 & 22. What is your impression of this description of the new heavens and new earth? How large is the New Jerusalem? The descriptions given are clear and direct, why then do they cause confusion and even unbelief? What would you like to know about heaven that is not yet revealed? Should those cause you concern? Why or why not? How do we know Heaven will be good? What is the central activity of heaven? How is that seen in the book of Revelation? Who will be in heaven? Will you be in heaven? Is that a wish or are you confident about it? What promise is given in 1 John 5:10-13? Do you meet the conditions of the promise? If not, what needs to change in you? What will you do to seek those changes? When will you start doing it? According to 2 Peter 3:13-14, what will those who look for the Lord’s return seek to do?