Softball League Ministry

Purpose Statement for Grace Bible Church Softball Ministry

The purpose of the softball ministry is multifaceted blending opportunities for discipleship, fellowship and evangelism. First and foremost is to honor our Lord Jesus with our character. Displaying a godly character in a competitive environment is a powerful witness to the unsaved and immature. Athletic ministries provide a unique opportunity to correct those whose character is lacking in living by Biblical standards. It also creates a non-threatening environment to invite people from the community. Once invited, relationships build as do witnessing opportunities. Softball also provides an opportunity for fellowship, building comradery, and meeting Christians from other churches (and even being witnesses to them as some of these churches lack in maturity). Softball is competitive by nature, has inherent risks and is finite in the size of the team. Therefore, it is not open to everyone nor would everyone want to play, but it does provide a ministry to those who are athletic. Softball is also a spectator sport, and many come out to support the team and provide a similar ministerial environment on the sidelines for those who choose not to play. 

Glorifying God By Making Disciples Of The Lord Jesus Christ