Wedding Policy

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Wedding Policy of Grace Bible

Congratulations! We rejoice with you in your desire to be married and glad
that you are interested in using our facilities to exchange your vows. Below is
the policy set forth by the Elders of Grace Bible Church for the use of our
facilities for weddings. Please read through this policy carefully, sign and
date it at the bottom, and then return the signed church copy to the church
office. Keep the "Engaged Couples Copy" for your own use. Should you have any
questions, please call the church office (298-8481).

1. Members and regular attendees of Grace Bible Church will not be charged
for the use of the facilities, but may be charged other fees.

2. People who are not members or regular attendees of Grace Bible Church will
be charged a fee for the use of the church facilities. An additional fee will be
charged for the use of the Fellowship Hall for wedding receptions. The fees are
dependent on the size of wedding and will range from $100 to $250. The church
will provide the use of the facilities. All other materials will be the
responsibility of the wedding party.

3. All wedding parties will make a refundable cleaning deposit of $100 for
the use of the church. An additional refundable cleaning deposit of $100 will be
required for the use of the fellowship hall.

4. Wedding hostesses, musicians, sound system operators, photographers,
florists, etc. contacted through Grace Bible Church are not included in any fee
charged by the church. These people may charge for their services at their

5. All couples being married at Grace Bible Church must meet with a staff
pastor for an initial interview before a wedding date may be placed on the
church calendar.

6. All couples being married at Grace Bible Church must complete pre-marital
counseling with either a staff pastor of Grace Bible Church or other counselor
approved by the Senior pastor of Grace Bible Church.

7. Weddings performed at Grace Bible Church must be done by either a Grace
Bible Church staff pastor or licensed minister of another church who receives
approval by the Senior Pastor of Grace Bible Church.

8. Grace Bible Church will not allow anyone to become intoxicated upon its

9. Receptions held at Grace Bible Church may not include any behavior
inappropriate for Christians or that disturbs our neighbors (excessively loud
music). Receptions must conclude no later than 10:30 p.m. firm.

10. Rice may not be thrown on the Church property. Bird Seed may be used in
outdoor areas, but must be swept up.

11. A Staff Pastor, Elder or Deacon of Grace Bible Church must be present at
all weddings and receptions held on our facilities.

12. Grace Bible Church reserves the right to cancel the use of its facilities
for any wedding or reception at any time.

I have read and understand the policy stated above. I also understand that
failure to comply with the above policy may result in the cancellation of the
use of the facilities of Grace Bible Church.



Job Description

Wedding Coordinator – Grace Bible Church

Weddings are first and foremost the joyous celebration of God joining a man
and woman together to be husband and wife. This means that there is both a
spiritual and reverent aspect to the occasion as well as a social celebration.
The basic service of the wedding coordinator is to make sure that the wedding
ceremony runs smoothly and follows proper etiquette.

Often the people in the Wedding party (including the Bride & Groom) do not
know what they should do or what is proper to do. The wedding coordinator will
assist the various members of the wedding party in fulfilling their
responsibilities. This will require an understanding of the responsibilities
that different people have in a wedding; the order of the wedding service (which
may vary from time to time); and misc. supplies in anticipation of emergencies.
Listed below are the basic responsibilities, a basic order of a wedding service,
and some supplies that would be helpful to have.


BRIDE & GROOM: This is their day. Everyone else in the wedding party is there
to make sure they can enjoy their wedding!

BEST MAN: His duty is to assist the groom. This includes helping him get
ready; carrying the ring for the Bride and giving it to the groom at the proper
time during the ceremony; making sure that checks/money for honorariums, fees,
tips, etc. are distributed to the proper people. He often signs the wedding
license as a witness according to the Groom’s desire. Also, according to the
groom’s desires, he also supervises the transportation of the Bride & Groom to
the reception and making sure every thing is in order for them to leave on the
Honeymoon (suitcases, tickets, etc.).

MAID/MATRON of HONOR: Her duty is to assist the Bride. This includes helping
her get ready, assisting with the train, flowers, etc. during the ceremony. She
carries the wedding ring for the groom and gives it to the Bride at the proper
time during the ceremony. She often signs the wedding license as a witness
according to the Bride’s desire.

BRIDESMAIDS; FLOWER GIRL: Etc. They have no duties other than following
directions given for the ceremony of when to enter, where to stand, etc. – and
enjoying themselves.

GUEST BOOK ATTENDANT: This girl (or guy) will help the guest sign the guest
book as they arrive at the wedding. She (he) will also be responsible for making
the guest book available to late guests after the ceremony and have it at the
reception. She (he will then make sure it goes to wherever the presents
eventually go.

The guest book attendant can use the small wood lectern (the one usually by
the front door). It should be placed in the foyer between the pastor’s office
door and the door into auditorium. She (he) can then stand either next to it, or
behind it (in front of the fire extinguisher).

If there are programs to pass out, the guest book attendant could do that or
someone else could do it according to the Bride’s wishes.

GIFT ATTENDANT: This girl (or guy) will be responsible for receiving the
gifts from the guests at both the church and at the reception. At the church she
(he) can use the pastor’s office to store the gifts in during the ceremony. (The
office door can be locked during the ceremony to prevent theft). She (he) can
stand at the office doorway and receive the gifts as they come it. She (he) will
need some transparent tape in order to tape loose cards to the presents they
belong. This presents frustration later when the bride & groom can not figure
out who brought what present.

MISC. HELPERS: It is wise to have several people that will be responsible for
the following items. It could be any of the people listed above or someone else.

* Someone to make sure that the clean-up of the church has been arranged
and carried out. The church should be put back into the same condition it was
prior to the wedding including arrangement of the chairs and stage area. The
porch and drive way should be swept if birdseed thrown. A charge will be made
if the church is not cleaned!

* Someone to transport flowers to reception.

* Someone to check changing rooms for forgotten items belonging to the
wedding party.


Helpful supplies to have for Weddings

Safety pins

Bobby pins (hair pins)

straight pins

hat pins

Needle and thread


Hair comb and brush

Ball point pen (In pastor’s desk)

Name tags (Use mailing labels from office if nothing else available)

Scotch tape (In pastor’s desk)

Super glue

Whatever else you can think of


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