Women’s Ministries

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Women’s Ministries – Grace Bible Church

December 27, 1998

General Purpose of Grace Bible Church

The purpose of Grace Bible Church is to Communicate new life in Christ
through evangelism, cultivate new life in Christ through edification, Care for
one another in Christ through fellowship and celebrate new life in Christ
through worship.


The Scriptures indicate a Deaconess is a servant of the
church and helper to the Elders (1 Timothy 3; Romans 16:1-2). Specific duties of
the Deaconesses shall be defined by the Elders according to the needs of the
church. Deaconesses assist the Elders in ministering to the congregation,
especially the females in the church. Some of their duties include:

a. helping to shepherd the women in the church;

b. promoting opportunities for other women to serve in the ministries of
the church;

c. organizing and coordinating women’s ministries in the church.

Women’s Fellowship:

The purpose of Women’s Fellowship is to promote true biblical fellowship
among the women of Grace Bible Church and provide opportunities for outreach and
evangelism through planned activities. While the specific focus is among the
women, activities that include children, spouses or the whole church are
acceptable. True fellowship includes mutual edification, encouragement,
spiritual growth, and the development and use of spiritual gifts. Examples of
such activities would be Women’s Seminars; special luncheons, banquets, teas,
etc.; hosting "Fellowship Sundays;" picnics; sleep overs; missions support
projects, crafts, etc.

Women’s Bible Studies:

The purpose of Women’s Bible Studies, whether in the evening or during the
day, is to teach ladies the Scripture and help them apply its precepts to their
own lives. Each Bible study can make its own emphasis within the study in
regards to the depth of teaching, outreach to the unsaved and fellowship in the


Relationship of the various Women’s Ministries

The Deaconesses, under the Elders’ supervision, have the overall
responsibility for the Women’s Ministries. There should be a Deaconess
representative or liaison to Women’s Fellowship and each Women’s Bible Study.
Women’s Fellowship is a more general ministry to all the women of the church
while the women’s Bible studies are more specific ministries to certain
sub-groups of women within the church.

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