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Family Bible Hour (Sunday School): 9:00 am – ZOOM
SUNDAY MORNING Worship: 10:00 am – in five formats – see below
SUNDAY EVENING – ZOOM – open forum, last Sunday of month: 4-6 pm
WEDNESDAY Women’s Bible Study – 7:00 pm ZOOM Mtg
Men’s Prayer: 7:00 pm ZOOM Mtg
THURSDAY Woman’s Bible Study Repeat – 7 PM ZOOM Mtg

Welcome to the Grace Bible Church website. We are glad you have found us.

Hermeneutics (How to Study the Bible) Class begins Thursday, Sept. 17 at 7 pm (EDT). You get the handouts here. Contact Pastor Harris to get the Zoom link. The video recordings will be posted after the class with the link on the hermeneutic handout page

Government restrictions have resulted in the following changes in how we hold our worship services.

Sunday morning worship is presented in five  formats. 1) Live Outdoor seated in shade. 2) Drive-in  (The preaching is done outside) 3) Live limited indoor worship where the music is performed – spatial distanced. 4) Indoor with masks required. 5) Streaming on the internet. Note: Distancing requirements prevent us from increasing beyond what we have already been doing.  Our area is now in Phase 4 which also allows increased indoor and outdoor activities. We will take maximum advantage of all that is available to us to foster fellowship and corporate worship.

Please Note: We are on a Summer Schedule for Sunday Mornings through September meeting a 1/2 hour earlier than usual to help avoid Summer heat.

SUNDAY SCHOOL – In person for all ages. Adult class is also on  Zoom,  Sunday mornings  at  9:00 am (EDT)  – (no streaming)

WORSHIP SERVICE – Sunday mornings at 10:00 am (EDT). Three ways to participate. 1) Live in Building worship (limited seating). 2) Drive-in Worship. 3) Outside seating. 4)  Streaming on our youtube page.  All four take place simultaneously. The musicians are inside and the pastor preaches outside with the video feed shown on the indoor screen. Children’s Church has resumed during the Sermon. Click here for GBC Bulletin – Aug 23, 2020

OPEN FORUM ZOOM with Pastor Harris. Held the last Sunday of the month 4-6 pm. Link emailed to the congregation – contact the Church office if you need it.

DEEPER INTO THE SERMON – discussion group – in person and Zoom meetings on Monday’s  at 7:30 pm. Email Church office for an invitation to the meeting. Discussion questions can be found at the Think About It section at the end of the sermon notes (Link, top left sidebar).

LADIES BIBLE STUDY – Zoom meetings: Wednesday’s at 7:00 pm (EDT). The same study will be repeated Thursday evenings   at 7:00 pm (EDT). Email Church office for an invitation to the meeting. Email Diane Harris or the church for the Study questions.

MEN’s PRAYER – In person and Zoom meeting: Wednesday’s @ 7 pm. Email the church for the Zoom link.

MEN’S BIBLE STUDY – In person and Zoom meeting, First & Third Saturdays at 8:00 am (EDT).  Email Ed Colon or the church for the zoom meeting link and study questions.

DRIVE-IN  & Outdoor Worship Service. Pastor preaches from a location visible to all who attend. The sound is transmitted via FM transmitter (we no longer are using loud speakers outside). Our restrictions are the same as those for drive-in theaters which are now allowed in NYS. Those who would like may sit in the shade of the trees or the canopies.

IN BUILDING WORSHIP  – Spacing restrictions do not allow us to be able to have everyone inside yet, so we will continue to have a simultaneous service inside, outside and live streamed. We will follow our Medical Restriction protocols and ministry plans for those wishing to be inside the building. Upstairs is spatially distanced so masks are not required. Downstairs a room is set up in which masks are required and the service streamed to the monitor.

We will continue to open up to the maximum extent possible following legal counsel that is willing to back us up. Our priority will be on having the maximum number of people participate.

Some Personal Comments: My own back ground is biology including classes covering epidemiology and experimental design and I am married to a public health nurse. I will be direct. The virus is not nearly as deadly as government incompetence and over reaction due to media hype. Gov. Cuomo’s directive putting COVID-19 positive patients into nursing facilities caring for the elderly and those already medical compromised was unconscionable. Government incompetence about what is or is not “essential” is destroying our economy, society and lives due to drug abuse, alcoholism, depression, suicide, and postponed “elective” surgeries that would have otherwise extended life. They are following modeling that has already been disproved and not science. Mainstream news reports block counter evidence to the politically correct line while hyping and faking the stories they do report.

Pray for those who are being so severely impacted by all of this not only locally but around the globe where similar actions are now leading directly to starvation. Pray for those in authority that they will repent and turn to truth to end the unnecessary oppression.  The power of the Lord Jesus Christ gives hope to people in any situation, so pray that God’s people will continue to find ways to proclaim the gospel even in the current restricted environment.

We are looking forward to the day when we can again fully gather together within our facilities. The following four sermons, two papers and link page are helpful to regain and keep a godly perspective . Links to sermons & papers related to the virus crises,  *Click here for rational responses and resources concerning SARS-CoV-2. (updated 9/7/2020). *Godly Wisdom During a Medical Threat,   *Foundations of Wisdom, *Finding Peace in a Time of Fear, *Authority & Submission  *Remaining Calm in a Time of Panic,  *Ideas Concerning being Stuck at Home due to Virus Regulations   These are our Medical Restriction protocols and ministry plans

Click on More about the church for information such as a brief introduction to GBC, our Doctrinal Statement, Constitution, Policies,  missionaries and testimonies. Click on Helpful resources for information on living the Christian life, Bible study aides and links to other sites. The search box at the top left will help you find the sermon topics and passages which would be of interest to you. Our worship service is webcast and posted on Youtube (click here) and we also post to  SermonAudio.com (click here)

Pastor Harris has concluded the Life Of Christ series after seven years and 232 sermons. It was a wonderful chronological study of all four gospel accounts.  He is now doing a series of various topics he has been asked to address. The details can be found on the Tentative Sermon Schedule page. These will be followed by studies of the books of 1 & 2 Thessalonians. (If you would like to subscribe to Pastor Harris’ weekly sermons via e-mail, Click Here)

Our Annual Celebration and Business meeting was January 26. Our written reports of what God did at GBC in 2019 and our hopes for 2020 be down loaded by  Clicking here – 2019 GBC Annual Report.

Our  School Year Ministries have either ended or are currently postponed. See below for descriptions of specific ministries and resources available online.

Kids4Truth, our ministry to children grades pre-K – 8th, is held on  Friday evenings from 6:30 – 8:30 pm.  It is currently postponed until we are allowed by the government to meet again. To learn more about it and to register on line, click here -Kids4Truth. This ministry will resume when the virus crisis restrictions have been lifted.

Practical Theology Class.  This class has concluded, but you can go to our youtube channel to watch the discussions about subjects such as Church government, Pastoral Priorities, Church discipline, Baby Dedications (instead of infant baptism), Role of Women, Biblical concepts of Missions, Stewardship, Lawsuits, Divorce & Remarriage, Christian Liberty, Manifestations of true Salvation, Abortion, Human Sexuality, Political Activism, Humanitarian activities, Drugs / Alcohol / Addictions, Smoking / Physical care of the body, Gambling, Racism / Prejudice / “Social justice.”   Click here for Link to Practical Theology Class page

Simply a Slave of the Lord Jesus Christ,
Pastor Scott L. Harris

For comments, please e-mail Church office

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