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Worship Services for June 6, 2021: We are striving to maximize the number of people that can participate, therefore we will hold simultaneous services Outdoors, Drive-in, Inside & Streaming as weather permits.   – – – – – Weather Forecast Sunday 6/13/2021  Partly cloudy with temperatures in the low 70’s during the service.  The worship service on 6/13 will be outside & inside.  (Preaching will be outside & music will be inside. Outdoor drive-in is available to listen to the service on FM radio).

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Location & Contact:

158 Myers Corners  Rd. Wappingers Falls, NY 12590, Dutchess County   Link to Map
Phone: 845/298-8481
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Service Times:
  • Family Bible Hour (Sunday School): 9:15 am – Live & ZOOM
  • Sunday Morning Worship: 10:30~noon in multiple formats onsite and Streaming on the internet. Onsite inside includes: ♦Live with mask optional rooms and ♦Mask only rooms.   Onsite outdoor includes: ♦Drive-in using FM radio transmission. ♦And weather permitting, outdoor seating with the preaching done from the outside pulpit.
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Most of our ministries are held both live and with some form of internet access. We seek to maximize in person interaction on site and via Zoom as much as possible. Use this link for our protocols on Medical Restrictions, Worship Services and Building Usage

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I recommend the documentary Paint the Wall Black which two of our church members were involved in creating. Click here to go to a description and links to where it may be viewed – Pastor Harris

We have been asked our thoughts on taking one of the vaccines for SARS-CoV-2. We had our PHNs research the available information and Pastor Harris reviewed the ethics. The result is the research compilation at this link to Public Information Regarding the Vaccines for Covid 19. We encourage you to examine the paper and its many links and do your own research. Our conclusion is that there are definite ethical issues with nearly all the vaccines currently being offered and there are also very serious medical concerns regarding the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines being offered. Ultimately you will make your own decision, but in love, we strongly recommend against it. The benefits do not warrant the unknown risks for the vast majority of people.
Click here for our response to the fears that have been generated about SARS-CoV-2 (COVID 19) and government restrictions. It includes links to sermons dealing with relevant issues, and a links page to articles dealing with the relevant medical, social and governmental issues that have been generated. Truth matters to us because it matters to God, and most governments and media have not been following actual science – they have been blocking it. A serious charge, but the results of bad government and pseudo-science has been devastating.

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Pastor Harris will be preaching through a series of Biblical books all related to the topic of Preparing for the Future. This series will strive to prepare Christians to live full and vibrant lives fulfilling God’s purpose for them while warning non-Christians of God’s promised wrath to come. The events of 2020 and early 2021 have made it obviously clear that the way is being paved for the events of the Tribulation period to take place. This will require believers to have an understanding of what is prophesied to come and how to live in a dramatically changing world. Pastor Harris has completed the series on 1 Thessalonians and Habakkuk, and is now in 2 Thessalonians. This will be followed by 1 Peter and Revelation. Past sermons are posted on our SemonAudio page  (If you would like to subscribe to Pastor Harris’ weekly sermons via e-mail, Click Here)

Simply a Slave of the Lord Jesus Christ,
Pastor Scott L. Harris

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