A Brief Christian Response to the SCOTUS Decision on Marriage – June 26, 2015

A Brief Christian Response to
the SCOTUS Decision on Marriage
June 26, 2015

Without getting into any of the political ramifications of today’s ruling by SCOTUS establishing homosexual “marriage” as a right in every state, and there are many (as there has been with many of their other rulings over many decades), we who are Christians must respond in keeping with God’s word. It is God, not man, that defines marriage and everything else. God is the final judge, not SCOTUS, and only He determines what is right or wrong, moral or immoral, good or evil. Therefore, we must stand firm on the Scriptures and never yield either in conscience or in our behavior regardless of the various pressures society may put upon us.

While we grieve for our nation over yet another giant step downward into the cesspool of immorality and for all who will suffer because of that, our goal as Christians is more radical than trying to stem the evil tide. We know that unless a person places their faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, they will be condemned by God to suffer in eternal hell. We also know that even those that have set themselves as enemies of God are to be pitied and shown compassion for the real enemy is Satan who has enslaved them. That is why we are gospel centered. We are committed to speaking the truth in love in warning people about their sin – every kind of sin, not just sexual perversion – and tell them of the forgiveness offered by Jesus Christ to those who repent and believe in Him.

We want others to join us as citizens of Heaven whose allegiance is first and foremost to God instead of to any nation even when it puts us into conflict with the laws of our nation. We should fully expect to be slandered, falsely accused and to suffer unjustly at the hands of the unrighteous as Jesus said we would. Like Paul, we may suffer trouble and at times be perplexed, but we are never to become distressed or fall into despair. Our God is greater and He is working out His plan for the ages.

Christians have enjoyed favor in this nation for most of its existence for which we are thankful. We recognize that is no longer true for the ruling class has repeatedly demonstrated its disdain for our God and His commands as it has done once again today. We must now prepare and learn to be thankful as the fellowship of His suffering becomes an increasing reality for us as it has been for our Christian brothers and sisters throughout most of the world and most of history.

May God have mercy upon us even as He allows our nation to suffer the consequences of our society’s  rejection of Him. May He yet grant repentance and revival.

Pastor Scott L. Harris
Grace Bible Church
Wappinger, NY