Corona Virus Response

A Christian response to Corona Virus and other diseases. (updated 4/22/2021)

A lot has changed since I first put this page together. I have even had my only personal experience with it as well having overcome a bad case of it in February 2021 by following by the Lord’s mercy and following sound medical practices. We know much more about SARS-CoV-2 and recognize that the panic, paranoia and draconian government restrictions have been unnecessary and extremely destructive. The second wave of infections was not unexpected given the nature of any contagious disease and the fact that government restrictions have aggravated the situation. It is also not unexpected that the disease would begin to wane as Spring comes – as with cold and flu in any year. Our response to this particular disease, as with all diseases, is to take proper and reasonable precautions, trust God and live for His glory. This includes assisting those who may become sick or quarantined.

I am extremely disturbed by how much the major news media, social media and search engines block any contrary evidence to the politically (socialist) correct view. They claim they are following “science,” but they are not, for science is not afraid of contrary evidence. True science goes forward as all the evidence is brought to bear. Below I have been posting links to contrary evidence. I recognize some of it will be confusing because information available is incomplete and therefore is subject to continuing change (so note the dates of reports). However, the contrary evidence does prove that the data used for the models upon which government restrictions have been set were flawed from the start. If they were following science, that would be admitted and protocols would be changed accordingly.

My own back ground is biology including classes covering epidemiology and experimental design, and I am married to a public health nurse. I must be direct. The virus is not nearly as deadly as government incompetence and over reaction due to media hype. Gov. Cuomo’s directive in early 2020 putting COVID-19 positive patients into nursing facilities caring for the elderly and those already medical compromised was unconscionable. Government incompetence in New York, around our nation, and internationally about what is or is not “essential” destroyed much more than economies. That incompetence, whether well intended or malicious, is directly linked to lives lost due to drug abuse, alcoholism, depression, suicide, and postponed “elective” surgeries that would have otherwise extended life. Even worse has been the blockage in many States of the very medications that were either already known or were quickly demonstrated to alleviate COVID-19 symptoms and prevent death if administered early. They have been following modeling that was disproved by late Spring 2020. Their claims of following “science” have been blatantly false. Mainstream news reports block counter evidence to the politically correct line while hyping and faking the stories they do report. These reasons in and of themselves are enough to give serious pause to trusting these governments and media about anything related to the vaccines, and indeed, research into them raises serious medical questions as shown in this link to Public Information Regarding the Vaccines for Covid 19.

Pray for those who are being so severely impacted by all of this not only locally but around the globe where similar actions are now leading directly to starvation. Pray for those in authority that they will repent and turn to truth to end the unnecessary oppression.  The power of the Lord Jesus Christ gives hope to people in any situation, so pray that God’s people will continue to find ways to proclaim the gospel even when oppressed.

The following four sermons and two papers are helpful to regain and keep a godly perspective . Links to sermons & papers related to the virus crises: *Godly Wisdom During a Medical Threat,   *Foundations of Wisdom, *Finding Peace in a Time of Fear, *Authority & Submission  *Remaining Calm in a Time of Panic,  *Ideas Concerning being Stuck at Home due to Virus Regulations   These are our Medical Restriction protocols and ministry plans

Below are links to papers, news articles and resources concerning  the SARS-CoV-2 virus crises (COVID-19); Mask usage, government policies, and treatments.  (Note: the google search engine is politically correct and nearly worthless in research on this topic and many others. Use other internet search engines such as

Simply a slave of the Lord Jesus Christ,
Pastor Scott L. Harris

Links to Overviews

My letter to my State Senator and Assemblyman. This was also the basis of my letters to law groups. Click here – Worship prohibition protest

Dr. Arn – Hillsdale College Imprimis article, Thoughts on the Current Crises –

Links to Treatments / Immune Response / Improving Health

Cleveland Study showing those who have had COVID-19 do not benefit from “vaccine.”


Peer-reviewed study: Ivermectin cuts COVID infections, deaths by 75%

Top doc: Feds demonizing COVID-19 treatments in order to promote vaccine

Public Information Regarding the Vaccines for Covid 19  Second wave statistics, effectiveness of HCQ in African nations   HCQ safety and effectiveness studies

Common Cold Immune response may help against SARS CoV-2

Links to treatment using Hydroxychloroquine mixes (Note that media / some government agencies continues to proclaim HCQ as dangerous due to flawed studies that had to be retracted. HCQ has been used safely for over 6 decades around the world for multiple medical conditions such as Malaria)

White Paper on HCQ 2020.2 – PDF

Michigan Hospital Tries To Treat Patients with Hydroxychloroquine; FDA Refuses To Allow It

AAA ebook Medical Studies Support MDs Prescribing Hydroxychloroquine for Early Stage COVID – PDF  (Note; the VA study did not follow the protocols being suggested by those having success with the combination of hydroxycloroquine + azithromycin + zinc given early in the disease. It is not surprising that giving the medications has little effect when given late in the disease process).  (NIH study for SARS-CoV in 2005)

Links – A Failed Pandemic Model from the Start / False Testing & Reporting  Overview of fraud about COVID-19 in government / media  False testing and reporting  (Why does the U.S. rank first in total COVID-19 cases, cases per day and deaths???)   – Covid-19 attributed deaths – not reality  Second wave statistics, effectiveness of HCQ in African nations

Links to Epidemiologist and Immunologists

Kurt Wittkowski, Ph.D. – article

John Ioannidis at Stanford, David Katz, founding director of the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, and Stanford biophysicist and Nobel laureate in chemistry Michael Levitt   – Article

Michael Osterholm, PhD – audio interview

Dr. Shiva  – video

Infection RatesChicago– higher than expected.  Worldometers,, Dutchess County,  (Remember, many who have had the symptoms were rejected for testing  – and there is a high rate of false negative in some of the tests (another report here) Also, anyone dying for any reason will be included in the COVID-19 count if they had symptoms or tested positive, even if the death was caused by something else).

A few (early) studies related to infection rates (The higher rate of infection vs rate of illness / death, the less dangerous / lethal the disease)  (See the overview links above for current rates)   Overview

Chicago– study  USC Study   German Study   Stanford Study  Santa Clara study  Overview of studies

The Problem with Masks

Masks mandates mostly harmful for children   Spring Danish face mask study


Links to Consequences of bad policies

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