Evangelism Resources

A couple of tools that I highly recommend for doing posters are and were used for many of the items here:

– a free (opensource) SVG editor that some of these were made with.

Posterazor – another free tool that can take a large image and make it so you can print it any size by splitting the image into separate pages. From there you can tape them all together to make a big poster.

If you make your own, you want to make sure that they will be high enough resolution. if your printer can do 300dpi, that means that a regular 8.5×11 sheet of paper will be 2550×3300 pixels. So if you do a 5 page wide poster (using the paper in landscape mode), you’re looking at 16,500 (11 inches times 5 pages times 300dpi) pixels wide. Inkscape allows you to control dpi and such.

All images/pdfs/svgs are non-copyright. Duplication is encouraged.

Premade Resources

A pdf containing one sheet with Scott Johnson’s aids for memorizing the 10 commandments, and individual pages with one commandment each.

Originally fetched from the Living Waters site, but the PDF is non-copyright, so we’re allowed to do this.

A pdf we use when doing the Are You A Good Person Tent Evangelism that has each of the commandments with the corresponding memory aid. The SVG not included as it’s huge, but if you contact Andy Csillag, he can get it to you. All He did was slice and dice the above pdf and add the text (it’s Georgia font if you care).

A 3 page wide are you a good person banner. SVG

A 5 page wide are you a good person banner in black and white. SVG


Are you prepared two page banner
containing lists of people who had no expectation to die when they did. That is, they had every reason to believe they had more time. I usually try to update this every year or so to update based upon more recent deaths. SVG


3 page wide banner
Asks the question: what happens when you die. SVG

Glorifying God By Making Disciples Of The Lord Jesus Christ