Nursery Policy

Nursery Policy

Amended July 18, 2006

I. Purpose

A. The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance for
nursery workers, and consistency of care for children cared for in the nursery.

B. The purpose of having a nursery include the following:

1. To provide a conducive environment for worship for all
those present at worship services.

2. To provide a safe, happy place for children under four
years of age to come and enjoy church services.

II. People

A. Children up to four years of age are eligible for nursery
care. (Children who turn four will be promoted to Children’s Church based on
their readiness for that environment according to the discretion of the
Children’s Church Director).

B. Nursery personnel may include:

1. Adults Approved by the Nursery Director

2. Assistants ages 12 and over who have been trained and
approved by the Nursery Director

3. At least one church member will be on the staff during
allotted nursery times

4. If only one adult is staffing the nursery, it shall be a
female member of the church.

5. No other adults or children with the exception of a
parent briefly caring for or retrieving children.

III. Protection

A. All Nursery Workers must be familiar with the church’s
Child Abuse Prevention Policies

B. All Nursery Workers must have completed the Children’s
Worker Covenant

C. All Nursery Workers must have given authorization for a
Criminal Records check

D. At no time shall an adult be alone with a child (except
their own) on the church property. At least one other adult or approved
nursery assistant must also be in the room.

E. Only female workers may change diapers, except if it the
parent / guardian of the child.

IV When Nursery is Provided

A. Sunday Morning from 15 minutes before the start of the
service until 10 minutes after its conclusion.

B. Sunday Evening from 10 minutes before and after the

C. Additional times can be arranged with the Nursery
Director if needed for special functions

V. Order and Discipline

A. God is a God of order and the nursery should be
generally characterized as orderly.

B. Children causing disorder in the nursery to the point
where an adult must intervene should be isolated to a chair.

C. If a child is characterized by such behavior, the
parents shall be informed.

D. If serious incidents occur, the parents may be asked by
the Elder Board not to place the child in the nursery until such time as the
child’s behavior is corrected.

I V. Picking Up Children

Only a parent, or a sibling with permission, may take a
child out of the nursery. Arrangements must be made with nursery workers when
placing the child in the nursery if another adult will be picking up the

VII. Temporary Exceptions

    Temporary exceptions to this policy may
only be made upon the approval of the Nursery Director.

    Guidelines for Parents Using the Nursery

1. Please bring everything your child will need during nursery time such as
diapers, bottles, juice cup, etc. Blankets and toys are provided.

2. Please label all cups, bottles and diaper bags. (Leave a description of
pacifier when you sign an infant in).

3. If you do not want to have nursery staff change your child’s diaper,
please inform them when you drop your child off. They will contact you during
the service if your child needs a diaper change.

4. Please drop off children quickly. Do not linger. Your presence can
sometimes keep child upset because they miss their parents. Only one parent
should drop off and retrieve children so as to minimize traffic in the

5. If your child is sick, has an unexplained fever or rash, or a runny nose
caused by a cold, please do not put them in the nursery. We do
not want other children to also become sick. Generally, a child who has had a
fever is considered to be no longer contagious if they have been fever free
for 24-hours.

6. Older siblings may pick up their brother or sister if the parent(s) have
specifically told the Nursery Workers about this arrangement. An adult other
than a parent / guardian may pick up a child only if the Nursery Workers has
been informed in advance of this arrangement.

7. Please pick up your child(ren) immediately after the conclusion of the

8. Promotion from the nursery.

 Four year olds will be promoted to Children’s Church when they
demonstrate their readiness for that environment according to the evaluation
of the Children’s Church Director. Readiness includes the ability to sit
quietly in one place, to listen to instructions and obey them, and to
cooperate with other children.

 Children sitting in the worship service will be expected to behave
properly. Parents of children who become disruptive will be asked to deal
with them and/or return them to the nursery.

9. No children may be left unsupervised during any service.

    Nursery Worker Guidelines

1. Make sure all babies are signed-in with instructions given about their
care. Ask them if they want to be contacted to change their child’s diaper, or
if the nursery staff may change the diaper. Do not accept children who are
sick, have an unexplained fever or rash, or a runny nose caused by a cold. We
do not want other children to get sick. If there is any question, please check
with the Nursery Director.

2. Make sure diaper bags, cups, and bottles are properly labeled. Even
label children if you are unfamiliar with them.

3. Check diapers and potty toddlers as necessary. If the parent has not
given permission for the nursery staff to change the diaper, contact the
parent during the service. Generally, for the length of time infants and older
babies are in the nursery, most should be changed at least once. For the
safety of the children and protection against false accusations, have another
worker in the room with you when performing either of these tasks.

4. Wash hands after each diaper change.

5. Change linens as necessary. Dirty linens go in a bag behind the door.
Clean linens are either in the bins under the cribs, in the cabinet under the
changing table, or on the shelves above it.

6. Toddlers do better with some organized activities. Free-play is fine,
but also encourage organized activities such as: story time, reading books,
rolling the ball to each other, singing, etc.

7. Release children only to a parent / guardian. Older siblings or other
adults may pick up children only if they have parental / guardian permission
and this has been communicated to the Nursery Worker before hand.

8. The nursery should be left with toys put away, lights off and garbage
properly disposed.