Testimony of Dianne Deokie

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Testimony of Rawtee Dianne Deokie

Growing up, our family was not religious, but we had a simple rule – "respect
other people’s religions, just don’t change yours."

I grew up in a Hindu home and attended a Muslim elementary school since it
was the closest school to our some and religion was not taught at the school. I
learned to pray in both Hindi and Arabic at a young age and even through I
didn’t speak the languages, it was the only way I knew how to pray. When I
received the Book of Psalm at this school I started reading the psalms at prayer
time because it was easier to understand. May years later I realized those books
were dropped off by missionaries.

As I was getting older, I started listening to the gospel being preached from
a crusade in my neighborhood. The message seems to be simple – Jesus Christ is
Lord and savior, place your trust in Him today.

At the time, I thought I knew what the Bible said. I had read a book given by
a Jehovah Witness and I was familiar with the Psalms by now, and I even picked
up what seems to be the favorite verse of Christians – John 3:16. I knew about
Jesus, but I didn’t know Him personally.

One Sunday evening, I was watching a pastor preach on television. At the end
of his sermon he said that you can accept Christ as your Savior right where you
are. Again, I thought this is so simple. There are no rituals involved. All I
had to do was admit I am a sinner, believe in Christ and confess my sin. I
accepted Christ as my saviour that day.

It was almost ten years later that I stated going to church and only a few
years ago that I finally understood what it means to be a Christian. For years I
thought when I pray and ask God for something, He should give it to me and when
He didn’t answer the way I wanted, I tried bribing Him, or making Him feel
guilty. I would say things like, "Did you forget I was not born in a Christian
home, but I choose to believe I you. What is the point of being a Christian if
you are not going to make my life any easier. I know you are able to answer my
prayers, but you wouldn’t."

Then I though to myself, why do you love God? Do you love God just because of
what He can do for you and you are only happy when He answers your prayer?
Finally, it clicked. Now I remind myself often. Don’t love God only because of
what He can do for you, but love Him for what He did for you. He died on the

I know that God will let me into heaven because I believe in His son and have
placed my faith in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of my sin and so am no
longer separated from God.